MPG calculator

MPG calculator

Use the MPG calculator to discover the Actual MPG achieved in a petrol or diesel car. Enter the number of miles travelled, the total fuel cost and the price of the fuel and the results will show Actual MPG and cost per mile.

Once the Actual MPG has been calculated, select your vehicle using the drop-downs to compare Actual MPG with the Official MPG figure and the estimated Real MPG figures.

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How the MPG calculator works

The MPG calculator is used to calculate the Actual MPG achieved for petrol and diesel cars (electric and plug-in hybrids are not included in the calculator) and then to compare this figure to the Official MPG figure for the vehicle. It is widely known that the manufacturer's Official MPG figures overstate what is achievable and Next Green Car calculates a Real MPG to all models to reflect more closely real-world driving conditions, but even these figures (typically 30% less than the Official MPG figure) can sometimes still overstate the MPG achieved.

Use the Fuel Cost Calculator to compare the weekly, monthly and annual costs of two cars side by side or the Car Comparison Tool to compare up to three cars side by side on all key data including fuel economy, vehicle emissions, tax and performance.

MPG calculator
Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:10th Nov 2022

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