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Use the car comparison tool below to compare up to three cars side by side and find the greenest, most economical option. Select vehicles using the drop-down lists and your results will appear below.

Using the tool will enable you to view emissions data, fuel economy info, car tax and company car tax rates as well as compare performance specifications. For each data element the lowest cost or emission option will be highlighted with a tick, so you can see at a glance which is the least polluting and most economical choice. The tool allows easy side by side comparison of conventional petrol and hybrid cars versus electric or plug-in hybrid options.

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Using the car comparison tool

When buying a car it can be very useful to compare more than one model side by side. Using the car comparison tool car buyers can select one to three models, either new, used or a combination of both, and then see key data for each of the models.

Within the fuel economy section car buyers can see the Official MPG (Combined) and also view the Real MPG, a calculated figure which provides a more realistic indication of acheivable fuel economy in real world conditions. Where there is no Official MPG figure, namely for plug-in vehicles, Next Green Car has provided an estimated MPG Equivalent figure.

The vehicle emissions section shows the NGC Rating , Official CO2 emissions, the Euro Standard for the model and data for the regulated emissions (NOx and particulates). The two tax sections show the car tax, congestion charge and company car tax payable for each model to enable easy cost comparison across models.

Car comparison UK - compare cars side by side

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