Volkswagen ID.3 Tour Pro S 77 kWh review

Volkswagen’s ID.3 has quickly become a key model for the firm, and the line-up has been expanded from the initial offering to now include various battery and power options. Top of the tree is this ID.3 Tour S Pro, providing the longest driving range in the line-up.

Review by Chris Lilly


Power output for this version of the ID.3 is 150 kW (204 hp), with the Tour Pro S capable of covering the 0-62mph sprint in 7.9 seconds, and reaching a top speed of 99mph. It’s not lighting quick, but there is plenty of performance behind the throttle - in fact, behind you, as the motor is place in the back of the car and drives the rear wheels.

Response is instant as you would expect from an electric car, and the VW feels a little quicker than the performance figures suggest. It’s nippy about town, but equally more than capable on longer runs, and actually feels good on a country road. It’s the best pick of the power options really, with a good balance between economy and pace.


The first VW ID.3 I drove left me feeling a bit numb. It was clearly a good car, but there was a lack of any character to it - none of that indefinable quality that makes you really enjoy driving a car. I approached this version expecting something similar, and was pleased to be proven wrong. I bonded with it far more than the 58 kWh model first driven, and the only difference was the larger battery in this model tested.

Whether a little added weight managed to transform the handling qualities enough, I don’t know. But the suspension, ride, and handling were all shifted from good to very good. The ID.3 remained composed even over rough roads, and the steering was sharp enough to make a drive across country on A- and B-roads enjoyable. It cruised well at motorway speeds, and although slightly less accomplished around town, it proved more than up to the task.


Volkswagen’s current electric design language is very mush like the rest of the range - unsurprising really. It’s restrained, with a few key design details to help liven things up, though the ID.3 range does have a light-bar across the front which makes it stand out in the dark.

Built on the MEB platform, Volkswagen has been able to repackage a conventional family hatchback to free up much more space inside, and it really shows. Boot space is good rather than impressive, but occupant space is huge for a car this size and in this class. It’s not full-MPV levels of practicality, but VW’s claims it has the interior space of the larger Passat in the footprint of a Golf are believable.


Volkswagen ID.3 Tour Pro S review interior

Volkswagen’s interior design very much follows a trend from the exterior styling. However, on the whole, I reckon things have taken a bit of a backward step - both in the Golf and the all-electric ID.3 and ID.4. There are too few buttons, and the infotainment system can be both slow to load and laggy. There are too many menus to get through for certain functions or information, the driver’s instruments don’t show enough information for its size, and the drive selector works the “wrong way” though, admittedly all of these comments are personal opinions. Many may well love it.

That I do like are the seats, which are comfortable even over long distances, the amount of storage space throughout, and the build & material quality used throughout. Volkswagen is also a victim of its own high standards, and the above complaints are not as bad as they are made out to be. The previous generation system worked excellently, and this new version needs a bit of development to iron out the kinks. In the meantime, things do work, but those jumping from a previous-generation Golf to a new ID.3 will likely think the controls are half a backwards step. Voice controls get around many of these problems however, with intuitive/natural commands needed to access systems.


This version of the ID.3 offers the longest driving range in the line-up, with an official WLTP distance of 340 miles available on a single charge. With a 77 kWh (net) battery and 150 kW electric motor, it’s got the longest range and the highest power output, and is available in one specification - ID.3 Tour Pro S.

In real-world conditions, the VW ID.3 easily achieved more than 300 miles on a charge, even in wintery weather and over hilly terrain. On smother or slower routes, that range quickly pushes up to 320+ miles on a charge. A long motorway run, still in January conditions, saw a range of 250 miles available - about the worst case possible. VW’s range prediction is very accurate too, one of the better ones on the market, so although the above ranges were calculated on driving distance based on percentage of charge used, in daily life, using the displayed range would be enough for all trips other than those where you’re really pushing the charge available.


This version’s 77 kWh battery is the reason for the long and reliable driving range, with two smaller packs available in the line-up for a cheaper cost. VW has fitted 125 kW DC charging capability to this highest capacity pack, so a charge on a CCS unit with that output or higher will recharge the ID.3 in 38 minutes from 5-80%. 11 kW AC charging will take seven and a half hours, or a 7 kW point will take 13 hours for a full charge.

VW’s brake energy recuperation system has gone for simplicity over flexibility. There are just two settings for the regen system - D and B - but both work well and B offers near one-pedal control in most situations. There’s an Eco setting too, but it makes little difference to efficiency as fas as I could tell.


Following the 1st Edition tested, the ID.3 line up has expended nicely. There are Pure Performance, Pro, Pro Performance, and Pro S specifications, and within these, Life, Style, Family, Max, and Tour trims are available depending on levels. In this case however, there is one trim for the specification - Pro S Tour.

Fitted as standard are 19-inch alloys, four seats rather than the normal five-seater configuration, LED lights with IQ. Light, augmented reality head-up display, 10-inch Discover Navigation Pro infotainment system, climate control, rear view camera, keyless entry and start, heated front seats and steering wheel, and automatic wipers and lights.


For some reason I’m yet to work out, I liked the Volkswagen ID.3 Tour Pro S more than the 1st Edition tested. Before, I would say that buyers should consider the ID.3, whereas with this version, I’d likely recommend it. The styling helped, with bold black details on a white shell, and the longer range is both helpful and impressive, but the range isn’t everything - some of my favourite EVs have less than 150 miles on a charge. It felt good to drive, was very practical, charged quickly, and generally felt like a class-leading electric hatchback.

Volkswagen ID.3 Tour Pro S review rear

Model tested: VW ID.3 Tour Pro S
Body-style: Family hatchback
Engine / CO2: 150 kW electric motor / 0 g/km
Trim grades: Only one in this specification

On-road price: from £39,860 (for 77 kWh battery
Warranty: Three years / 60,000 miles
In the showroom: Now
Review rating: 4.5 Stars

Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:11th Mar 2022

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