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Despite a surge in popularity for plug-in electric vehicles, petrol and diesel cars still make up around 95 per cent of new cars sold each month. With a significantly longer range and greater flexibility than plug-in vehicles, the popularity of conventional internal combustion powered cars - particularly petrol - in the UK in 2018 shows no sign of disappearing in the near future.

For some drivers, the need to cover long distances is a must, with the ability to refuel quickly at a wide-reaching infrastructure essential. For others, the lower initial cost of a conventionally-fuelled car over that of a plug-in model means they will still opt for diesel or petrol power.

The petrol and diesel microsite includes a look at the two fuel types - comparing their strengths and weaknesses - the technology behind the engines, and the latest news on petrol and diesel powered cars. There is also helpful information about fuel prices and search tools for both petrol and diesel models to help you pick the best car for you.

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:10th Nov 2022