Hiyacar EV car club trial underway in Hackney

Hiyacar EV car club trial underway in Hackney

Hackney residents now have access to affordable electric cars, as the UK’s longest trading peer-to-peer car sharing platform and CoMoUK accredited car club, Hiyacar, has provided 10 MG ZS EVs as part of a 12 month e-car club trial in the borough.

After a successful launch, the trial began in late April, with EVs in numerous locations across the borough, including: Lavender Grove, Buckingham Road, Wilton Way, Reading Lane, Blurton Road, Downs Park Road, Winston Road, Albion Drive, Wetherell Road and Clermont Road, in Hackney. EV charging for this trial is included in the rental price, which also includes insurance, car cleaning and maintenance.

“Hiyacar is incredibly excited about the launch of this E-car club in unison with Hackney council. We’re proud to be playing a part in giving residents of Hackney, affordable and sustainable transport options. We’re excited to see how the E-car club grows in the coming months,” said CEO and co-founder of Hiyacar, Graeme Risby.

The trial represents a great step forward for both Hiyacar and Hackney Council. For Hiyacar, it is the company's first EV car club trial with a London borough within the ULEZ Zone, while for Hackney Council it fits with its goal of having 50% of all its car clubs with zero tailpipe emissions by 2025.

"The switch to electric vehicles - alongside higher rates of walking, cycling and public transport use - is key if we're to become zero carbon and tackle climate change. We're working closely with car clubs in Hackney to ensure more of their vehicles are zero emissions, in line with our target that 50% are zero emissions by 2025," said Aled Richards, Strategic Director, Sustainability and Public Realm.

Those wishing to make use of the EVs in this trial, can download the Hiyacar app and sign up for free as a Hiyacar member, and rent them for as little as £4/hour or £40/day, with a 50% discount for weekday bookings.

Olly Goodall

Author:Olly Goodall
Date Updated:20th May 2022

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