2021 sees record number of new hydrogen stations

2021 sees record number of new hydrogen stations

Last year saw another record number of newly opened hydrogen refuelling stations around the globe. In 2021, 142 hydrogen refuelling stations went into operation worldwide, more than ever before.

Of these, 37 were opened in Europe, 89 in Asia, and 13 in North America. This is the result of the 14th annual assessment of H2stations.org, an information service of Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik (LBST). This means that hydrogen refuelling is now possible in 33 countries.

The H2stations.org website draws on an extensive database that has been maintained and continuously updated since 2005, with new stations as well as with extensive additional information on existing sites.

“Despite the increasing maintenance effort, we still continue to provide basic information free of charge for non-commercial use”, says LBST Managing Director Uwe Albrecht.

“We offer commercial users to license the data including further detailed information, regular reports on new developments, technologies and markets, and bespoke analyses.”

Overall, at the end of 2021, 685 hydrogen refuelling stations were in operation worldwide, with concrete plans already in place for 252 additional refuelling station locations.

Particularly noteworthy are Spain and New Zealand, both having announced locations for several new stations for the first time. Hungary and Slovenia were also newly added to the list of countries offering hydrogen refuelling facilities.

In Europe, which had 228 hydrogen stations at the end of last year, 101 of those are in Germany. France is second in Europe with 41 operating stations, followed by the UK with 19, Switzerland with 12, and the Netherlands with 11 stations.

In Asia - also at the end of 2021 - there were 363 hydrogen stations. The majority of these (159) were in Japan, with 95 in Korea. The latter country recorded the most openings in 2021 with 36 new filling stations and is increasingly expanding the infrastructure for all fuel cell electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, unlike most other countries, the 105 Chinese hydrogen stations in the LBST database are used almost exclusively for the refuelling of buses or truck fleets.

Finally, the majority of the 86 hydrogen stations in North America are located in California with 60 operating stations.

Olly Goodall

Author:Olly Goodall
Date Updated:2nd Feb 2022

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