Nissan shows first teaser images of new electric crossover

Nissan shows first teaser images of new electric crossover

Nissan has shown the first teaser images of its new all-electric crossover model based on the CMF electric vehicle platform from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. It looks like this is the model that will be built at the Sunderland plant in the UK.

The graphic, distributed on Twitter, shows the side view of a crossover coupé, with the curved roof line being particularly striking. The windscreen is kept very flat and the roof falls away again quite early. In addition to the large wheels, the short front and rear overhangs typical of electric cars are also eye-catching.

The portal Carscoops extracted a rear view from a short video in which the crossover model drives through the picture. As well as a new type of light design, which has nothing to do with the Nissan Ariya, a rather high rear can be seen – in combination with the flat and early ending rear window, this should result in good aerodynamics, but poor visibility.

There are no technical details about the model or a name yet. The vehicle is likely to be the model for which the manufacturer wants to create production capacities for 100,000 vehicles per year in Sunderland, England, as announced last week. The batteries are to be built in the recently announced cell factory of Envision AESC not far from the Sunderland plant.

The Renault MéganE and the aforementioned Nissan Ariya, among others, are also based on the CMF EV platform of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. While Renault has so far quoted a range of 280 miles for the MéganE with a 60-kWh battery, Nissan wants to offer the Ariya e-SUV with either a 63-kWh battery or a battery with 87 kWh. The drive power is between 160 and 290 kW, depending on the battery and front- or all-wheel drive.

Both battery sizes of the Ariya can be charged with a maximum of 130 kW DC each.

Olly Goodall

Author:Olly Goodall
Date Updated:5th Jul 2021

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