Honda e claims UKCOTY title of City Car of the Year

Honda e claims UKCOTY title of City Car of the Year

As part of the 2021 UK Car of the Year Awards, the Honda e has claimed the title of City Car of the Year.

An independent set of awards, the UK Car of the Year Awards (UKCOTY) are designed to highlight and advise the public on cars that excel on the UK’s unique road network and surpass the average customer’s wants and needs. with all test and analysis conducted on British roads, the awards are judged by 29 of the UK’s leading names in automotive journalism.

The Honda e's unique blend of style and substance was drawn upon regularly by the judges. UKCOTY judge Paul Barker said: “Characterful, fun and good to drive, the Honda e proves that EVs can keep us amused.” Fellow judge Nargess Banks said: “It epitomises the spirit of electric urban transport. This car – with its cute, anime looks – takes Honda in the right direction.”

City-car competitors such as the VW e-up! may not be as stylish in comparison, but have a longer range and lower price for a compact EV.

But the Honda e is simple to navigate. Its two trim levels are generously equipped, with a range of advanced safety and assistance systems putting occupant safety first. The Advance model also adds a number of convenient technologies to make urban commuting easier, and less stressful. These include a class-first use of digital external and interior mirrors to ensure optimum clarity and visibility in all conditions.

Other titles awarded to the Honda e include ‘City / Small Car of the Year’ in the News International Motor Awards 2020, ‘Best Electric Vehicle’ at the Stuff Gadget Awards and ‘City Car of the Year’ at the recent BBC Top Gear awards.

Olly Goodall

Author:Olly Goodall
Date Updated:2nd Mar 2021

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