We will see a fully electric Ferrari this decade

We will see a fully electric Ferrari this decade

During a presentation of the company’s financial results on 2nd February, acting Ferrari CEO John Elkann said that the company will offer its first all-electric car this decade. This is an exciting development for supercar fans but Ferrari is still focussed on hybrids.

Elkann said that Ferrari’s plans for hybrid models will continue until 2030. There are plans to bring some kind of electrification to the entire range and the company has already launched its first official hybrid. The SF90 Stradale can travel up to 15 miles on battery power alone.

Former Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri said in December 2019 that the company expects to have a fully-electric car in production “after 2025”, and that hybrids will be Ferarri’s focus for the time being. Camilleri then said, at the end of 2020, “I don’t see Ferrari ever being at 100 percent EV and certainly not in my lifetime will reach even 50 percent.”

Ferrari already uses hybrid power in many of its petrol models, using a hybrid kinetic energy recovery system (HY-KERS), much like the one used in Formula One, to increase horsepower. This is considered a mild hybrid system as the cars using it — such as the La Ferrari — can’t run on electric power alone.

This is good news for Ferrari fans who want to make a green choice for their next vehicle. Ferrari has honed its hybrid technology through motorsport, something that will carry over as it makes more hybrid models.

For many manufacturers that make performance cars, there’s a concern surrounding the bans on the sale of new internal combustion engine cars (2030 in the UK). However, there’s a lot of discussion around whether companies such a Ferrari would be exempt from these bans. As a low-output maker of high-end vehicles, there’s a lot of questions as to how much these cars contribute to climate change.

Camilleri argued in 2020 how a V12 Ferrari driven 3,000km a year “probably has fewer total emissions than a small [ICE] car that runs every day.”

Jess Shanahan

Author:Jess Shanahan
Date Updated:4th Feb 2021

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