Jaguar Land Rover reveals Project Vector

Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled a new concept vehicle - Project Vector - which looks to offer a solution to urban transport of the future. Fully electric and autonomous, the pod is designed on a skateboard chassis with different bodies available depending on requirements.

This concept is different from many others in the fact that vehicles like this are set to undergo trials in Coventry from in around a year and a half's time. An easily configurable cabin adds flexibility to the concept, which can either be used as a transport pod like the model shown, or could be specified as a car, van, or taxi/minibus - as some other examples indicate.

Pitched as the future of urban mobility, Project Vector makes up part of JLR's Destination Zero mission, which looks to develop models and systems that will allow for zero emissions, zero accidents, and zero congestion.

The phrase 'autonomy-ready' is used, which explains the addition of a conventional steering wheel, though the rest of the concept is more futuristic. Designed to fit into connected and autonomous urban centres, Project Vector is an example both of how Jaguar Land Rover see as possible in the future, and also where some of its focus may end up.

The footprint is similar to that of a supermini, but with the motor(s) and battery fitted over the axle and within the flat floor, everything from the floorpan up is flexible in design. As such, a single-box body is showcased, maximising the amount of interior space available to occupants.

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:18th Feb 2020

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