UK's first zero-emission street to trial in London

London will open the UK's first zero-emission street, as Barbican Estate's Beech Street is set to ban petrol and diesel vehicles. The City of London Corporation is working on Transport for London plans for no environmental disruption from vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians by spring 2020.

The move will be possible with an 18-month experimental traffic order, allowing air quality and traffic to be monitored. Exemptions will include emergency vehicles, access to car parks off Beech Street, and for refuse collection and deliveries. The 153 bus route which runs along the street is fully-electric and unaffected by the changes.

Beech Street experiences high levels of air pollution since it is a busy route and enclosed. The ban is expected to significantly improve air quality in the area, with particular focus on nearby schools. The trial will also be used to consider whether similar measures are suitable for other streets within the City of London.

To be able to access the street other than under the above exemptions, vehicles will need to comply with TfL's Cleaner Vehicle Discount for the Congestion Charge. This sees a maximum CO2 limit of 75 g/km, minimum 20 mile electric-only range, and Euro 6 equivalent NOx standard.

Signage and warnings will be set up prior to the boundaries, and traffic will be enforced using automatic number-plate recognition cameras, with a penalty charge issued should regulations be broken.

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:17th Dec 2019

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