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Renault reveals electric 4L-based concept

Renault has used its electric vehicle expertise to create an EV version of one of the manufacturer's classics - the e-Plein Air.

Based on a Renault 4, the Plein Air was a door-less convertible version introduce in 1968, but Renault has modernised it with an electric drivetrain from its Twizy.

The concept has no official technical statistics, but a compact battery and small electric motor mean it's not going to be challenging the Renault Zoe in terms of performance or range.

It has been created for the 10th anniversary of the 4L International gathering. The Renault 4 remains one of the company's best-selling and popular models. Changes made include a closed-off front grille, removed rear seats, and new luggage rack.

There are no plans to put the model into production, though it's clear that retro-fitting electric powertrains to classic cars is picking up in popularity. The Mini has been electrified by Swind, though manufacturers are also getting in on the game. Joining Renualt are Jaguar and Aston Martin in creating electric versions of some of its most famous models.

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:24th Jul 2019

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