JLR provides cars for independent AIR Index tests

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed that it has started making its new cars available for testing on the AIR Index - the first manufacturer to do so.

All of the newly tested models - Jaguar's E-Pace and the Land Rovers Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque, and Discovery - have been rated as A, with the results shown, courtesy of AIR Index, below:

AIR Index JLR models

The AIR Index has been set up to provide accurate information on car emissions, with testing carried out in real-world conditions using a Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS). Models are rated and colour coded from A-E, to clearly differentiate the cleanest and dirtiest cars available to buy.

Each car rates is based on two independently sourced cars, over three separate tests, including at least five 10km trips on roads using PEMS equipment.

AIR Index

Massimo Fedeli, Co-founder and Operations Director, AIR said: "The AIR Index provides easy to understand, at-a-glance information on actual vehicle emissions, from independent testing to help consumers compare vehicles when making buying decisions.

"Jaguar Land Rover asked us to put a range of their new diesel cars to the test, and the evidence shows that their latest engines are extremely clean, with all of the four models tested achieving the AIR Index A rating, which means that they produce the lowest levels of NOx emissions in urban driving.

"One of the key things to observe from this set of AIR Index ratings is that perceptions of the emissions produced by particular vehicle types, such as SUVs, can be very misleading. In fact, Jaguar's E-PACE and Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque are amongst the cleanest cars on sale of any type, not just vehicles within the SUV segment. The perfect example is the Land Rover Discovery, which produced NOx emissions 20 times lower than a diesel Renault Clio supermini."

The AIR Index has been created by Massimo Dedeli of Fair Play Consulting, and Nick Molden, founder of Emissions Analytics. The latter works with Next Green Car to provide accurate real-world efficiency and emissions information to help drive our NGC Rating, and is one of the leading independent vehicle emissions testers in the world.

Jaguar Land Rover follow in the footsteps of the PSA Group in testing their models against advanced real-world emissions protocols - similar to those required by forthcoming Real Driving Emissions testing. The AIR Index results are completely independent from manufacturers, while the PSA Group's system has been independently audited to ensure transparency.

Next Green Car considers that these on-going, real-world emissions results are key for buyers to make informed choices about their cars. The one fundamental way to remove NOx emissions from the tailpipe is to go electric though, and encourages drivers to look at all fuel types when choosing their car to help improve air quality.

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:7th Mar 2019

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