New BMW 745e launched

The launch of BMW's new 7 Series has seen the company renew its i-performance version, with the new 745e PHEV and long-wheelbase 745Le launched, offering improved range and efficiency.

A new 12 kWh battery replaces the previous 7.4 kWh pack, enabling an electric-only range of 34-36 miles for the 745e, and 32-34 miles for the 745Le.

The weighted combined fuel economy now sits at 141-123 MPG depending on conditions for the 745Le, with CO2 emissions of 48 g/km CO2. The 745Le has a CO2 figure of 52 g/km, and will return 118-105 MPG. These figures have been calculated on the WLTP test cycle, and converted back to NEDC for comparison purposes.

Power comes from a 286 hp 3.0 litre straight six petrol engine and 113 hp (84 kW) electric motor through an eight-speed automatic gearbox, with the BMW able to be driven petrol or electric power, or a combination of the two. Electric, Hybrid, and Sport driving modes are able to switch the powertrain priorities depending on driver requirements.

In its sportiest mode, the 745e will complete the 0-62mph sprint in 5.2 seconds, before reaching a top speed of 155mph. Hybrid mode sees a limit of 68mph before the petrol engine takes over, while in Electric mode, the driver could reach 87mph before the car's engine kicks in. Other driving modes available include Adaptive, Battery Control, and Hybrid Eco Pro.

Compromises in interior space are minimal, with the battery installed beneath the rear seats, and the fuel tank placed over the rear axle.

Boosts in efficiency come from the usual brake energy recuperation systems, while the 745e and 754Le can also use GPS data when programmed with a route to use or hold electric power for the most effective sections of the trip.

The new 7 Series PHEV will go on sale in the spring, with prices starting at £76,815.

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:1st Feb 2019

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