EDF offers 1,500 V2G chargers to UK firms

EDF Energy is offering up to 1,500 Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) EV charge points to UK businesses, enabling them to balance load and generate additional income.

The charge points are on offer after the energy firm entered into a partnership with Nuvve, and will allow businesses to either use electricity from the vehicle themselves, or sell it back to the grid.

This also means firms will be able to charge up during off-peak times, when demand is lower, and use the EVs as load-balancers to support operations when demand is highest.

With up to 1,500 units available, the roll-out will be one of the largest V2G deployments in the UK to date. The smart charging capabilities are possible thanks to the two-way flow of electricity available from certain EVs, already fitted with the systems required to both feed back charge as well as accept it.

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:31st Oct 2018

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