Sales success for new Nissan Leaf

Nissan has revealed that its new Leaf has already sold more than 26,000 units in Europe, a year after the 40 kWh model went on sale.

With one unit sold every 10 minutes, the popular EV remains the best-selling pure-electric model in the UK, continuing on from the success of the first-generation Leaf. Nissan has been more successful still in Norway, where it's the best-selling model in 2018 so far outright - outselling even conventionally=powered models.

Of the new Leaf models sold, more than 8,000 have gone to corporate fleets, signifying an increasing willingness from businesses to switch to greener models. The longer range available with the 40 kWh model has helped persuade more drivers to go electric, on top of the significant cost savings available by switching from petrol or diesel cars.

Gareth Dunsmore, director, electric vehicles, Nissan Europe, said: “As the interest in electric vehicles continues to grow, we’ve made sure that the opportunity to experience and own our new Leaf model is more accessible than ever before.

“When we set out to design the new Nissan Leaf, we wanted to create a car built on the feedback of over 100,000 existing owners here in Europe. Today feedback such as - ‘I love the instant torque… the performance is fantastic… e-Pedal makes driving very easy’ are common reactions from our newest customers. It’s a car you can look forward to driving and appreciate living with on a day-to-day basis, and the sales figures reflect this.”

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:9th Oct 2018

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