Peugeot unveils e-Legend Concept

Peugeot will show off its e-Legend Concept at the Paris Motor Show in a couple of weeks, showcasing electric power and connected & autonomous technologies.

The stylish concept is set to be one of the stars of Peugeot’s home motor show, and reflects one of the manufacturer’s most iconic models from the past - the 504 Coupe.

Although there is a hint of retro about the styling, everything else is advanced. There are two autonomous modes featured - Soft and Sharp - prioritising comfort and relaxation, or connectivity and productivity respectively.

There are two manual modes too - Legend and Boost. Legend is a cruising mode, with the dashboard reflective of the 504 Coupe’s three dials, and a digitally created wood-effect dashboard. Boost provides a more dynamic driving style.


When in either of the autonomous modes, the steering wheel redacts under the car’s sound bar to make full use of the 49-inch central screen. The front seats recline for extra comfort and arm-rests deploy, though the retro theme is retained as the car’s interior is upholstered in blue velvet.

Power comes from a 340 kW electric powertrain, providing 800 Nm of torque to all four wheels. A range of 373 miles (WLTP) is possible thanks to a 100 kWh battery. Charging sees 310 of those miles accessed within 25 minutes thanks to ultra-rapid charging - presumably at a maximum of 150 kW. The e-Legend Concept also boasts performance figures of a sub-4 second 0-62mph time, and a top speed of 137 mph.

The model is strictly a concept, but the PSA Group - of which Peugeot is part - has committed itself to a significant electrification programme. With such a range available, should the e-Legend ever move to a production model, it would remain competitive even in a few years’ time. And we can only hope that the brilliant design is retained for a future car.

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:20th Sep 2018

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