Hamburg to ban older diesels from city centre

While the UK Government publishes its latest draft Clean Air Strategy, several cities across Europe are already implementing diesel bans for diesel car not meeting the latest Euro 6 emissions standards.

After the German Federal Court ruled that Stuttgart and Duesseldorf could proceed with diesel bans for older diesels in February this year, and rejected opposition from the government and automotive industry, other cities across Germany have started to implement diesel bans in zones affected by air pollution.

This week, Hamburg joined this group of cities and announced that it would implement a diesel ban from 31st May which would affect Euro 5 and older diesel models. As the current Euro 6 standard introduced in 2014 is only achieved by around a third of the 330,000 diesel cars on Hamburg’s roads, a significant number of vehicles will potentially be affected.

While the ban in Hamburg only affects a one-mile section of road in the centre, the measure is likely to be the first of many across Europe and the UK where Zero Emission and Clean Air Zones are planned for roll out in 2018 and 2019.

Restrictions on use of diesel vehicles in urban areas is also planned in other major cities across the world including Paris, Madrid, Mexico City and Athens by 2025, while the mayor of Copenhagen wants to bar new diesel cars from entering the city centre in 2019.

To enforce the diesel ban, Hamburg police will be able to fine drivers of non-compliant cars around £30 and pre-Euro 6 heavy-duty diesels up to £90.

Ben Lane

Author:Ben Lane
Date Updated:25th May 2018

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