Toyota to reveal i-TRIL EV concept at Geneva

Toyota will unveil a new electric mobility concept at the Geneva Motor Show next month, designed to be a viable alternative to citycars, small hatchbacks, and motorcycles.

Using ideas already developed for the i-ROAD concept, including active lean technology, the i-TRIL shows that Toyota is serious about developing electric cars for urban environments.

The i-TRIL will feature an innovative one-plus-two seating layout, and will have an emphasis on fun driving capabilities, even in slow city traffic.

Toyota i-TRIL and Renault Twizy

Only the below teaser photo has been released currently, though if you imagine something across between the i-ROAD (above left) and Twizy (above right)- though a little wider than the little Renault - you are expected to be on the right sort of lines.

Toyota i-TRIL concept EV

Further details will be announced at the Geneva Motor Show, where Toyota will also be unveiling an updated Yaris, and a performance version of the same model using the company's new World Rally Car as inspiration.

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:20th Feb 2017

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