Zap-Map rolls out live network data across EV charging platform

Zap-Map has launched dynamic network data across its desktop and iOS/Android platforms, bringing live network date to users from Chargemaster's Polar network.

The partnership with Chargemaster is just the start of a phased roll-out of live charge point information, as more dynamic data from other networks on Zap-Map will follow in early 2017.

It is the first time Zap-Map users will have access to dynamic network data (in addition to Zap-Chat user updates) across multiple UK networks on one desktop application and mobile app. With Chargemaster entering into partnership with Zap-Map, both businesses and EV drivers are set to benefit.

Those who drive plug-in vehicles will now be able to see on Zap-Map whether a charge point is in use or available for charging; providing EV users with enhanced information with which to plan charging on public networks. Chargemaster will also benefit from Zap-Chat updates, receiving users feedback to further improve their levels of customer service, along with increased exposure for the Polar brand.

Dr Ben Lane, Director at Zap-Map, said at the launch: "Achieving this level of data integration has required the close co-operation of network operators, and we are delighted to be rolling-out dynamic data for the key UK networks with POLAR being the first.

"The live network data complements Zap-Chat, our peer-to-peer comms channel which allows users to provide status updates and last-mile information. Taken together, the network and Zap-Chat updates give the best possible information to EV users on the move about charging points availability."

David Martell, Founder and Chief Executive of Chargemaster Plc, commented: "We are pleased to work with Zap-Map to make it easier to use the POLAR network. Chargemaster is committed to make EV charging simple and highly reliable right across the country and we see the provision of the highest quality data to users as a fundamental part of this."

Zap-Map is the UK's number one EV charging platform, covering all charging networks and providing EV drivers with key charge point information in a single portal. The platform attracts over 40,000 users per month in the UK out of a plug-in fleet of around 90,000 vehicles.

To find out more, visit Zap-Map, at either the desktop and mobile site, or via the Zap-Map app on iOS and Android.

Zap-Map live data infrographic

Ben Lane

Author:Ben Lane
Date Updated:15th Dec 2016

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