Special edition Morgan EV3 revealed

Morgan has revealed details of its EV3 UK 1909 Selfridges Edition. Announced as being in the pipeline at the EV3's unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, the special edition sees a collaboration between both Morgan and Selfridges department store.

The model has come about in part because both companies were founded in 1909, and the launch of a zero-tailpipe emission hand-built all-electric car was seen as an excellent opportunity to work together. It's not just Morgan and Selfridges that have got involved in this celebration of British craftsmanship, with nine other brands contributing to the EV3 UK 1909 Selfridges Edition.

A specially designed case to fit the EV3's luggage rack is provided by Globetrotter, exclusive driving overalls come from Christopher Raeburn, driving shoes made from the same leather and stitching as the EV3's upholstery are provided by George Cleverley, Richard James supplies the tweed jacket, Linda Farrow, the driving goggles, Alesander McQueen a driving scarf, Karl Donoghue a waxed waterproof jacket, and Dents a pair of driving gloves.

Morgan EV3 details

The car itself shares the EV3's electric powertrain that will offer a range of around 120-150 miles depending on conditions and driving style, with a top speed of 90mph. The special edition has a number of extra highlights, with bronze trim about the bodywork and interior to differentiate it from the standard model - though the most obvious difference is a second central headlamp where the EV3 has just one.

Prices are yet to be announced though there are only going to be 19 special edition models made. For those that aren't yet old enough to drive either the EV3 or EV3 UK 1909 Selfridges Edition. Morgan has revealed that an electrically powered child's version will also be built and sold through Selfridges - further details announced soon.

Morgan EV3 Junior

Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:22nd Jul 2016

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