Nissan Intelligent Mobility launched at Geneva

Where many manufacturers has new models or concept cars to present at the Geneva Motor Show, Nissan had more advanced ideas in mind. The focus of Nissan's presentation at Geneva was Nissan Intelligent Mobility - a project that will work on electrification and connected cars.

The project looks at the Nissan Intelligent systems - Driving, Power and Mobility. The Intelligent Driving innovations can be see on the IDS Concept that was on the main stage and first unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show last year.

The IDS Concept shared the stage with a Qashqai Premium Concept though which was fitted with Piloted Drive 1.0. This is a semi-autonomous system that can drive the car in heavy traffic conditions - similar to the likes of Volvo's Pilot Assist, but on a much more affordable car.

The IDS Concept and Qashqai both feature autonomous driving technology to lesser or greater degrees - the former looking further down the road than the Qashqai, which is set to kick start Nissan's driverless technology push and go on sale next year, followed shortly by other models. In 2018 the system will develop to allow the car to change lane and join and leave motorways, while a completely autonomous Nissan is planned for 2020.

The company plans to expand on its leadership of the electric vehicle market by not only offering autonomous driving solution,s but also the range and power available for its EVs.

The IDS Concept features a 60 kWh battery - double the recently launched Nissan Leaf 30kWh - and has a range of 342 miles. The company is developing batteries that can travel longer distances and at reduced charging times, while also looking into the likes of hydrogen fuel cell systems that will encourage a more diverse zero-emission range.

Nissan Geneva details

The final string to the Nissan Intelligent project is the Mobility segment. This looks at creating safer and cleaner environments in which to travel by using connected car systems. Linked to this is Nissan's reveal of the Fuel Station of the Future, a collaboration between the company and architects Foster + Partners.

The Fuel Station of the Future is a design study showing how Nissan thinks EV charging would work best in the future. It involves kerbside wireless charging points that remove any range anxiety, includes autonomous technology that will see that car park itself, and features connected systems showing the car and driver where available charging spots are.

Nissan has also looked at a more efficient way of using electricity, with the car able to feed back into the grid, power the home, or have a Nissan Energy Centre charge or power from cars or the national grid.

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:4th Mar 2016

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