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New London Car Club Coalition formed

A new multi-stakeholder Car Club Coalition has been formed in the capital to drive the growth of car club members in London.

The Coalition, which includes Transport for London (TfL), London Councils, the Greater London Authority (GLA), Carplus, the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) and a range of car club operators, has spent the past six months formulating the ‘Vision for Car Clubs in London’.

According to Joseph Seal-Driver, UK Managing Director of DriveNow, one of the car club providers speaking at the Coalition launch: "We’re excited to team up with TfL, local councils, the GLA and other providers to form the Car Club Coalition. London is one of the fastest growing cities on the planet and space is at an all-time premium, so car-sharing services like DriveNow add a revolutionary new option to the city’s transport mix.

"With 10,000 London users already on board in our first 3 months, we are looking forward to expanding through the capital as more boroughs engage with the Car Club Coalition strategy. Our newly launched fleet of fully electric BMW i3s will also help further reduce emissions and traffic congestion in the capital."

BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney, said: "Promoting new models of urban mobility is essential if we hope to deal with the issues of congestion, road safety and air quality that affect our cities.

"Car clubs, car rental and other forms of pay-as-you-go motoring are evolving at a rapid pace. The BVRLA will support this development by ensuring that operators are treated fairly by policymakers and get all the support they need to serve their growing customer base."

The Vision for Car Clubs strategy is based on ten key action points which include:
* Developing a monitoring framework to build the evidence on the impact of car clubs
* Transforming London’s public sector fleets
* Helping Londoners make the switch from private cars
* Making parking management smarter and easier
* Driving the uptake of low-emission vehicles
* Transforming the profile of car clubs in London
* Driving the uptake of car clubs in London’s commercial fleets

The Coalition members will lobby to get greater support from government, better procurement from local authorities, and more take-up from the wider fleet sector. Currently, car clubs operate in 25 of the 33 London boroughs, though low awareness remains a key barrier to car club growth.

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Peter Thomas

Author:Peter Thomas
Date Updated:22nd May 2015

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