Hyundai announces ix35 fuel cell pricing

Hyundai has announced that the official public pricing for the zero-emission, hydrogen-powered ix35 will start from £53,105 OTR after part-funding from the HyFive project, saving customers nearly £15,000 off the un-funded on-the-road-price of £67,985.

HyFive is a European project that aims to deploy 110 fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) from the five global automotive companies that make up the HyFive consortium, which includes Hyundai.

The project will also see another three hydrogen refuelling stations deployed in the London area, which will provide a total of five publicly accessible refuelling stations in London by the end of 2015.

The ix35 has already been sold through central Hyundai channels to selected trial partners since 2013 and is already on the road in 15 countries around the world, including 11 in Europe.

Equipped with a 100kW (136ps) electric motor, the ix35 can reach a maximum speed of 100 mph and its two hydrogen storage tanks, with a total capacity of 5.64 kg, enable the vehicle to travel a total of up to 369 miles on a single fill.

According to Hyundai, these figures are the result of years of development with the latest ix35 Fuel Cell being the fourth-generation fuel cell-powered electric vehicle from Hyundai.

This generation delivers significant improvements over its predecessor, including a driving range that has been extended by more than 50% while still producing zero tailpipe emissions, and fuel efficiency gains of more than 15%.

The ix35 Fuel Cell is available for immediate order directly from Hyundai Motor UK. To find out more, contact Robin Hayles, Sustainable Fuel Development Manager at Hyundai Motor UK via email


Peter Thomas

Author:Peter Thomas
Date Updated:5th May 2015

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