Honda Civic Tourer wins MPG Marathon

Honda has claimed victory in the MPG Marathon achieving 97.92mpg in a Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC over 318 miles.

In the rigorous two day test over a specially-designated 330 miles of UK road, Swindon-based Honda R&D engineers Fergal McGrath, James Warren, Tony Shiggins and Julian Warren scooped the top spot for Best Outright MPG in a Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC with an outstanding 97.92mpg, overachieving against the Tourer's quoted combined 74.3mpg by some 31.8%.

Organised by Fleet World magazine and sponsored by ALD Automotive and TRACKER, the MPG Marathon is designed to be a true real-world MPG test that demonstrates the benefits to both the environment and the motorist's back pocket of employing simple, smarter driving techniques.

The 26 teams taking part in this year's MPG Marathon were free to plan their own routes, provided that they included a number of pre-agreed, fixed points; making keen navigational skills essential. All participating vehicles were fitted with TRACKER tracking equipment so that event organisers knew exactly where each was and how far it had travelled. Over the two days the cars and vans set out each morning from South Cerney, near Cirencester, checking in at stopping points as far and wide as the Brecon Beacons, Abergavenny, Worcester, Andover and Bath.

Ross Durkin, Managing Editor of Fleet World Group and organiser of the MPG Marathon comments: "All credit to the Honda engineering team. Their performance in recording an average of 97.92mpg over the two days was quite exceptional given the challenging driving conditions that all the contestants faced. It is testimony to their expert eco-driving skills that they have emerged triumphant against a very strong field of competitors, including nine former champions, and shows what can be achieved with the current generation of eco-friendly models available on the market today."

Adrian Killham, SVP of Honda R&D Europe comments: "Many Civic Tourer customers in Europe have reported excellent real-world fuel economy under a variety of driving conditions, so we felt confident that we would be able to achieve a very competitive result in the MPG Marathon. Customers want performance and practicality, but with low running costs, and that's what the Tourer delivers. What's more the 1.6 i-DTEC engine is built in the UK, it's available in the Civic hatchback, CR-V and next year in the HR-V, so many more customers will get to experience the benefits of this super-efficient unit."

Next Green Car's very own Peter Thomas, alongside ALD's Rhys Harrhy, claimed second place in the electric vehicle category, managing an impressive 4.73 Miles per kWh in overall energy consumption. Peter and Rhys took a Nissan LEAF Acenta to its limits over a 355 mile course, using only 0.17 kWh's more per mile than the overall winnders in the first year electric cars were allowed to compete. Below is the route they took of day 2 using the UK-charging point map, Zap-Map Live:

MPG Marathon Day 2 Route

Ross Durkin concluded: "Congratulations to all the contestants in this year's MPG Marathon. There were some outstanding team and individual performances, some near misses and some great results. Above all else, this year's event showed conclusively that the current generation of modern cars and vans are more fuel-efficient and more environmentally friendly than ever before, and are an outstanding testimony to the achievements of all the participating motor manufacturers."

Honda, MPG Marathon

Edward Wirgman

Author:Edward Wirgman
Date Updated:16th Oct 2014

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