Bentley awarded Carbon Trust Standard

Bentley has been awarded the triple Carbon Trust Standard for carbon, water and waste reduction; importantly, they are the first automotive manufacturer to achieve this feat.

Certified by the Carbon Trust, one of the worlds's leading independent authorities on delivering carbon reduction and attaining greater resource efficiency, Bentley individually secured the Carbon Trust Standards for Carbon, Water and Waste

They achieved this by making significant reductions in all three areas at their headquarters in Crewe, Cheshire. Between 2011 and 2013 the company achieved a 16% decrease in CO2 relative to the number of cars manufactured, a 35.7% reduction in water and an absolute reduction in the amount of waste being produced.

Major contributions have been made by the installation of over 20,000 solar panels, mounted on roofs across the factory. The introduction of solar power has seen a cutback in the CO2 emissions of over 2,500 tonnes per year and pumped 286,200 kWh back into the national grid. Last month 20 per cent of the company's electrical requirements were generated by solar energy.

Michael Straughan, Bentley's member of the board for manufacturing, commented:
"There has been manufacturing here for nearly 80 years and customers admire the character and unique history of the site which we continue to respect. However, we have managed to also create an increasingly environmentally-friendly, modern manufacturing environment and will continue to target future reductions."

The 339,000m³ plant is home to Bentley's engineering and manufacturing functions with 3,700 colleagues working on site and producing a record 10,120 cars in 2013. Darran Messem, managing director of certification at the Carbon Trust said:

"We would like to congratulate everyone at Bentley for achieving the Carbon Trust Standard and contributing to clear year-on-year reductions of carbon emissions, water use and waste outputs. Bentley is clearly passionate about continuing to improve its environmental performance, which is reflected by the fact the company has consistently invested in new technology.

"We've also been impressed with the excellent levels of employee engagement with Bentley employing a dedicated Environment team and colleagues across the factory acting as Environmental Champions and pro-actively identifying new ways to save valuable resources."

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Edward Wirgman

Author:Edward Wirgman
Date Updated:29th Jul 2014

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