SCC to reduce fleet CO2 with hybrids

SCC, Europe's largest independent IT services provider, is promoting the benefits of Toyota hybrid vehicles in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of its 350-strong user-chooser fleet.

The company, who operate out of Birmingham, is hoping transform the composition of their fleet by encouraging the take-up of low emission cars such as Toyota hybrids. Ultimately, SCC would like to see their company car fleet exclusively comprised of vehicles that emit less than 100g/km of CO2.

SCC employs more than 2,000 people from over 11 UK locations and many more across Europe. For many of these employees Toyota hybrids are a practical, more economical and 'greener' option.

Steve Deeley, SCC's fleet manager said: "We have a green-focused culture and look to reflect that in the vehicles that make up our fleet."

"We have seen the Auris Hybrid Touring Sports in particular proving very popular since we introduced it as a user-chooser option for our area managers and engineers. It helps us meet our sub-100g/km ambitions, but it is spacious, practical and comfortable, too. It also comes with tax benefits for the business and for the drivers, which all adds to its appeal."

Thanks to its low emissions, Auris Hybrid Touring Sports has a benefit-in-kind rating for company car taxation of 11 per cent and qualifies for zero annual road tax (Vehicle Excise Duty). Furthermore, it offers a healthy 76.3mpg and only 85g/km of CO2, accounting for its favorable tax stats.

Many even prefer the ride of a hybrid to a petrol or diesel vehicle, as previously reported by Next Green Car, and consumers are unlikely to compromise on load capacity, especially in the Auris Hybrid which maintains a maximum 1,658 litres.


Edward Wirgman

Author:Edward Wirgman
Date Updated:24th Jun 2014

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