VW XL1 wins Top Gear Innovation award

The Volkswagen XL1 super-efficient vehicle has claimed BBC Top Gear Magazine's Innovation Award.

The XL1 is the result of over a decade of research, development and engineering, which has produced what is to be the most efficient production road vehicle in the world.

With its ultra-aerodynamic body (its drag coefficient is just 0.189 Cd) and innovative hybrid drivetrain, which combines an 830 cc two-cylinder turbodiesel engine with a 27 kW electric motor and seven-speed DSG gearbox, this carbon fibre-bodied 795 kg vision of the future can achieve a staggering 313 mpg on the combined cycle EU fuel-economy test, and emits just 21 g/km of CO2.

Now, the XL1 has achieved a milestone beyond the expectation even of its engineering team in Germany, as BBC TopGear magazine has awarded it 'Innovation of the Year'. The award is due to be presented at a ceremony in London on Thursday 5 December.

Commenting on the Award, BBC TopGear magazine said that the XL1 is 'a demonstration of boundaries successfully pushed and expanded. You can't unlearn this kind of progress.'

Volkswagen XL1 plug-in hybrid

While the XL1 is on sale in limited numbers, one of its principal purposes is to serve as a platform to push the boundaries of technology for mass-produced vehicles. To this end, Volkswagen recently unveiled the twin up! concept ipsum car at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The twin up! uses a version of the drivetrain from the XL1, in the practical, five-door body of the award-winning up! city car. It can achieve a combined fuel consumption figure of 256.8 mpg and CO2 emissions of 27 g/km.

The Awards issue of BBC TopGear magazine is on sale now.

John Ironmonger

Author:John Ironmonger
Date Updated:5th Dec 2013

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