EST showcases successful PIFI projects

Following the success of the Plugged-in Fleets Initiative (PIFI) last year, the Energy Saving Trust has produced a video about the latest Plugged-in Fleets Initiative 100 scheme.

The video, shown below, highlights the financial and environmental benefits that many organisations could receive from adopting electric vehicles into their fleets.

The footage contains examples of PIFI success stories from City of York Council, Fruit 4 London and Tristar Worldwide Chauffeurs that are all saving money and carbon with plug-in vans and cars. Plus Energy Saving Trust experts Pete Lunt and Caroline Watson talk about the charity's on-going work with electric vehicles in the UK.

61% of the organisations that the Energy Saving Trust worked with last year on PIFI have stated they have or intend to acquire plug-in vehicles, with the majority of organisations realising the benefits if they're prepared to upgrade their fleets. One of the main benefits is the potential to reduce fleet fuel costs by up to 75%, helping to protect businesses from the impact of rising fuel costs.

To register an interest in taking part in PIFI 100, email or call the Energy Saving Trust transport team on 0207 227 0310. More information on PIFI 100 can be found on the Energy Saving Trust website.

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John Ironmonger

Author:John Ironmonger
Date Updated:20th Nov 2013

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