Mitsubishi reveals Plug-in Hybrid model

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced that its Plug-in Hybrid EV System, an electric vehicle technology in the new mid-size SUV Outlander PHEV.

The plug-in hybrid model has been awarded the "RJC Technology of the Year 2014" by Automotive Researchers' and Journalists' Conference of Japan.

With the theme of driving pleasure towards a sustainable future for everyone, Mitsubishi has pushed ahead on automobile manufacturing that aims to contribute to environmental responsibility, deliver driving pleasure, and provide toughness and safety under Mitsubishi's tagline Drive@earth.

The Plug-in Hybrid EV System features a high-capacity drive battery, front and rear motors, generator, and a petrol engine for generation of power as well as for driving at high speeds, featuring hybrid driving that provides a longer all-electric cruising range and is powered mainly by the motors.

The Plug-in Hybrid EV System automatically selects an optimum drive mode for driving conditions and remaining battery charge from three drive modes: EV Drive Mode, Series Hybrid Mode or Parallel Hybrid Mode.

The Plug-in Hybrid EV System was highly acclaimed for its high environmental performance, smooth acceleration, as well as quietness of a luxury vehicle.

In order to achieve sustainable driving, Mitsubishi continues to proactively introduce electric-powered vehicles including EVs and PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) into the market aiming to become a leading company in electric-powered vehicle technologies while contributing towards environmental conservation by reducing CO2 emission at the global level.

John Ironmonger

Author:John Ironmonger
Date Updated:15th Nov 2013

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