EV Battery Tech coming up in London

The 7th EV Battery Tech Cost Reduction Initiative event on the 24th and 25th April will focus on the relationship between battery technology costs and the wider EV industry.

The cost of electric vehicle batteries remains the fundamental challenge that restricts both electric and hybrid vehicle advancement and ultimate profitability.

Despite these obstacles, one thing is clear: combustion engine efficiencies and light-weighting efforts are unlikely to meet stringent worldwide fuel economy mandates and CO2 reduction targets, especially post 2020.

Therefore OEMs must continue to focus on driving forward EV battery performance whilst finding pragmatic solutions for bringing down cost.

Now in its 7th edition, the EV Battery Tech: Global Cost Reduction Initiative remains a key bi-annual meeting, bringing together real world experience and the latest innovations for identifying realistic cost reduction strategies for improving energy density, range and life of electric vehicle batteries.

Incorporating developments in thermal management, battery life cycles, pack size reduction, integration, fast charging, materials, cell chemistries, battery management systems as well as hard data on customer use and experience to provide you with a detail-orientated two day agenda.

Key questions being addressed include:

* What are the latest technological breakthroughs impacting energy density, range and life, and how can we capitalise on these advancements at a reasonable cost?
* What are the real requirements of EV customers, and how can cost reduction strategies be employed in light of these customer usage profiles?
* What are the supplier roadmaps, and how can these optimise OEM production strategies?
* What is the potential for investment return from secondary use?
* What is the latest progress with battery standardisation and when can OEMs expect to benefit from progress in this area?

Next Green Car are offering a 15% discount on registration costs – to claim quote EVB NGC when registering. For more info visit the EV Battery Tech event website.

Ben Lane

Author:Ben Lane
Date Updated:5th Mar 2013

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