Tesla goes round the world in 80 eDays

Tesla goes round the world in 80 eDays

After the successful tour of Europe in August 2011 – "Tesla Goes East" – Rafael de Mestre has now embarked on another journey, this time meant to set new world records.

He will attempt to be the first person to drive around the world in an all-electric car. The same Tesla Roadster that took him in less than two weeks from Sweden to the Black Sea in Romania will now cross three continents in order to be the first electric car to travel around the globe.

Rafael is currently waiting in Los Angeles for him and his Tesla to be shipped to China, after having started his epic journey in Barcelona, on the 11th of May 2012. From the start, the journey took him through France, Switzerland and Germany. From Germany the car embarked on a cargo ship to New York.

From the "Big Apple" the tour ventured towards San Francisco, California – after 12 days of driving through the states, Rafael arrived on the West coast. He went to the Tesla headquarters where he was warmly greeted by the staff there. After the US, the tour will head through China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Austria and all the way back to Barcelona through Germany, Switzerland and France.

The endeavour is programmed to take no more than 80 days, in a Phileas Fogg manner. The whole trip will be broadcast on a dedicated website, with video feeds, photos and GPS coordinates so that you can see a live update of the Tesla's current location.

In each country he travels through, Rafael will be meeting with local enthusiasts of electric cars and automotive and electricity providers, with the aim to bring forth the future which is the electric car.

The fundamental aim of the '80 eDays around the world' tour is to raise awareness on the sustainability of electric cars and make them a reality for the average person in the near future. Travelling around the globe clarifies that there is a charging infrastructure in place in a number of countries that makes long distance journeys viable.

The iconic Tesla Roadster was the first electric car to be built by Tesla Motors, with its design inspired by the successful Lotus Elise. Its electric motor accelerates the vehicle from 0 to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds. With a range of almost 250 miles and a top speed of 125 mph, it is among the most advanced electric cars in the world. The Roadster will be preceded by the sedan Model S, which will see production in the summer of 2012.

Date Updated:14th Jun 2012

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