TV interview with VP of Tesla Motors

TV interview with VP of Tesla Motors

WhatGreenCar are pleased to screen a live TV interview with Christiano Carlutti, Senior Vice-President of Tesla Motors.

Following the global success of the Tesla Roadster, Carlutti will be talking about the forthcoming Tesla Sedan S electric car, an affordable four-door saloon that can carry five adults and can travel up to 300 miles per charge of its batteries.

In the interview, Carlutti outlines the company's pro-active philosophy in bring affordable electric cars to market: "We want to bring the electric vehicles to a larger audience to make it more affordable, and so I believe this is our responsibility because the revolution has just started, so it's very far from being completed, and our responsibility is to bring it forward."

Click on the link below to watch the interview live.
Following transmission, the interview will continue to be available for viewing online.

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Date Updated:22nd Jun 2010

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