Top 10 Green Cars 2018

It's been a busy 2017 for Next Green Car. New models, industry news, and government announcements have come along regularly, creating a more promising future for green cars than ever before.

Here we take a look at the forthcoming green models we can look forward to over the course of 2018, with this snapshot of the car market alone proving enough to make the next 12 months an exciting year. We've listed all sorts of different models too, and there are cars that we've had to leave off the list. But that's good news in our eyes, as the market is expanding year by year.

Manufacturers are increasingly looking at our corner of the automotive industry as it becomes more and more important. This means that there is plenty still to come that we don't even know about yet. But glossing over the surprises still to come, Next Green Car brings together the Top 10 green cars to watch out for in 2018.

1 – Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron

We kick off alphabetically with Audi's all-electric SUV first revealed back in 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Audi might change the name somehow, but the use of the e-tron badge is practically guaranteed, and it will be used on a premium SUV.

A range of more than 300 miles is expected, and the concept produced just shy of 500hp to create for an EV with no lack of performance potential. We shouldn't expect too much to change for the production version, which will go up against the likes of Tesla and Jaguar - more of that later - in the premium long-distance EV stakes. Add in the fact that the Audi is the first of a new wave of EVs for the VW Group, and the e-tron looks set to prove a key car next year.

2 – BMW i3/i3s

BMW i3 and i3s

The Audi above might not have been confirmed in production-spec yet, but the i3 has - with the addition of an i3s too. BMW will update it's EV and range-extended supermini with some sharper styling and improved equipment, while the i3s is set to offer sharper handling too.

More power and a wider track will help make the hardly sluggish i3 quicker both in a straight line and round corners. The added oomph is at the cost of a little efficiency, but the i3s still has a good driving range, with an official figure of more than 170 miles quoted. For those impatient readers amongst you, the good news is that the i3 and i3s will be one of the first cars in this list to hit dealerships next year.

Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:29th Dec 2017

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