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WLTP update: From 06 April 2020, official CO2 emissions for new cars are now based on WLTP tests, rather than the previous NEDC test cycle. As this impacts tax values as well as emissions information for all new models, Next Green Car is in the process of making sure these changes are correctly reflected across the site. Whilst we work to update the website, some tools and information may become temporarily unavailable. During this time, we apologise for any inconvenience caused, and we promise to have the tools and webpages back online and updated as soon as possible.

Next Green Car's microsite provides an overview of the key vehicle emissions, an explanation of the NGC Rating and a selection of search tools to help you find a low emission car. These tools enable searches by CO2 emissions and by make and model.

The microsite also includes an introduction to Ultra low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) which are defined as cars and vans with tailpipe CO2 emissions of 75 g/km or less.

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Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:10th Nov 2022