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Welcome to Next Green Car’s new Classified section for electric cars (EVs). Use the search box above to find a used electric car (both pure electric or plug-in hybrid) near you and benefit from an eco-friendly car with low running costs. Contact the dealer directly to find out more and arrange a test drive.

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What models of used electric cars are available to buy?

Since the introduction of the government's Plug-in Car Grant in 2011, more than 80,000 electric vehicles have been registered in the UK (to January 2017). As most EVs have only been bought within the last few of years, there is a limited, but growing number of used electric cars available. During 2017, several hundred EVs are expected to reach the used car market as the first wave of cars come to the end of their three year lease contracts.

Some electric car models, such as the market-leading Nissan Leaf, already have a second-generation version in the market, so there will be a number of first-generation and ex-demo models available. Take a look at the range ofelectric cars available, a list of new electric cars currently on the market, for which there will increasingly be used versions available.

What to look out for when buying a used electric car?

As for any electric car purchase, it is important to evaluate if an electric car is right for your individual circumstances. The key issues to consider are whether you have access to a charging point where you can charge on a regular (daily) basis and whether your driving pattern is compatible with the range on the car – see our main electric car buying guide for more info.

Important issues to consider specifically when buying a used electric car are:

  • Range and charging – check the driving range of the specific used electric car as this can vary on a model by model basis. Also you need to check what cables come with the vehicle, what type of charging points can be used with the existing cable and if limited, what additional cables compatible cables can be purchased.
  • Warranty – electric cars typically have a separate and different warranty for the battery and the vehicle itself. It is important to check what the remaining warranty is, in particular for the battery, as the battery can be expensive to replace.
  • Support – there are some excellent support packages available from some manufacturers, such as free pick-up if run out of charge. Check what dealer or manufacturer benefits come with the purchase of the second-hand electric car.

At present, most used electric cars for sale are available through dealership networks, so in many cases a second-hand electric car will have had a high-level of servicing and maintenance. Ex-lease vehicles with a full service history make particular sense when buying and electric car.

Where can I charge my used electric car?

Extensive studies show that most EV owners charge their electric car at home or the workplace; where a car will spend most of its time parked. While most EVs can be slow charged from a standard 3-pin socket, for maximum safety, Next Green Car recommends that EVs should be charged from a dedicated charing point.

Fortunately, 3kW wall-mounted units are readily available and are relatively cheap to buy and install. Some suppliers, such as POD Point and Zero Carbon World, even offer basic home and workplace units for free (govt funded) depending an availability.

However, when making longer journeys, EV drivers will need to make use of the growing network of publicly accessible electric car charging points at various locations such as car parks, dealerships and motorway service stations. Take a look at Zap-Map, a UK-wide electric car charging point map showing around 6,500 charging points across more than 4,000 locations to find charging points near you or on a typical route.

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Author:Peter Thomas
Date Updated:10th Mar 2015

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