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Supermini WINNER: Renault Zoe R110

In developing the new R110 motor for the Zoe, Renault has given the electric supermini fresh appeal, and made it a more well-rounded option. Although an additional 14 kW (19 hp) over the Q90 motor might not sound like much, the extra power is a noticeable improvement when you’re behind the wheel.

A little faster than the still-available previous model, the Zoe R110 shaves around 1.5 seconds off the 0-62 mph time, and feels brisk to drive thanks to the instant pick-up afforded by an electric motor. However, the real improvement comes when the Zoe is on faster roads, with the electric Renault able to comfortably sit at motorway speeds without a plummeting range or feeling as though it's getting out-of-puff.

The new motor - which is equally efficient as the Q90 unit - works brilliantly with last year's battery upgrade, meaning the Zoe R110 Z.E. 40 is an EV that can officially cover 250 miles between charges, (we estimate 200 miles real range). This new-found capability over long-distances hasn't diluted the Zoe's urban driving talents, with quick bursts of acceleration combining with light steering and a single-gear set-up to make running about town easy and stress-free. The Renault Zoe R110 is priced from £25,020 OTR (outright purchase – including the Category 1 OLEV grant).

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NGC verdict: "Improved performance without compromising efficiency is an impressive feat from Renault with its updated electric best-seller. The Zoe R110 is a great compact EV, and provides one of the most affordable routes to EV ownership."

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:2nd Mar 2021

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