Next Green Car – Car of the Year Award 2018

Car of the Year WINNER: Hyundai Kona Electric

The Hyundai Kona Electric takes this year's NGC Car of the Year title by virtue of offering EV buyers so much value for money. The Kona Electric is the only model currently capable of competing with Tesla and Jaguar in terms of driving range. However, Hyundai's all-electric crossover will cover a similar distance on a single charge for under half the cost.

The choice between Jaguar's I-Pace and the Kona Electric for CotY was a close call. While both would be worthy winners the NGC judges simply couldn't get past the value for money element of the Hyundai. Yes, the Jaguar is more stylish, has more performance and offers more space, but these attributes are not quite twice as good as those of the Kona Electric, despite the I-Pace being double the price. Furthermore, the Jaguar’s 90 kWh battery only provides 10% more range than the Hyundai's 64 kWh pack - which means the Kona also wins hands down on energy efficiency (using around 40% less energy per mile).

In essence, the Kona Electric is the best-value EV currently on the UK market. It's well built, comfortable, solid to drive, and highly efficient. With its 250+ mile real-world range, the Kona Electric is a natural fit for the majority of UK journeys with little need to change where and when you drive. What the car market needed was a long-range value EV for the mass market – and that’s exactly what Hyundai have delivered with the Kona Electric, the NGC Car of the Year 2018.

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NGC verdict: "With its 279 mile range, the Hyundai Kona Electric represents outstanding value for money when compared with rival offerings. As the first to bring a long-distance EV to mass-market customers – and with such a capable package – Hyundai’s Kona Electric is NGC's Car of the Year 2018."

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:2nd Sep 2021

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