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Supermini WINNER
BMW i3 – CO2 0 g/km – NGC 21


With BMW's i3 refresh came a new sportier version as well - the i3s. This is the first all-electric 'hot-hatch' on offer, with performance boosted by a more powerful motor, and handling improved with a wider track. The changes won't see the 's' version of the i3 keep up with a true hot-hatch, but it does offer something a little different and even more fun to tempt buyers in. Add in the fact that the quoted driving range of 174 miles is only 12 miles less than that of the standard i3 94Ah and the i3s is likely to be a hit with many buyers - particularly as the REX range-extended option is also available. Both i3 and i3s benefit from the same design refresh, with sharper styling all-round. Combined with the recent battery upgrade, the i3 remains one of the most desirable EVs and superminis around. Priced from £29,570 (inc Category 1 OLEV grant).

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NGC verdict: "Now that the i3 is available in a sportier 's' model, BMW has taken one of the best EVs around and made the driving experience more appealing still. Compact, striking, and sharper than ever - both aesthetically and dynamically - the new i3 and i3s keep the electric BMW competing with some of the best superminis on the market."

Ford Fiesta – CO2 97g/km – NGC Rating 34

COMMENDED: Ford Fiesta

When you have a long term best-selling car on your books, care must be taken when working on a new generation to make sure the formula isn't ruined. Ford has succeeded with the Fiesta, and the new supermini features a more premium look inside and out, with a range of new variants too, all the while retaining its class-leading driving dynamics. The new Fiesta offers the same sort of efficiency figures as many in its class, with the 1.0 T Ecoboost unit still the pick of the range. The overall package though means that the Fiesta remains one of the class leaders, and as such is worthy of its commendation in this year's awards. Priced from £15,245.

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Date Updated:26th Feb 2021

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