Next Green Car Awards 2014

green car awards 2014

Welcome to the Next Green Car Awards 2014, the most scientifically based green car awards in the UK.

This year, Awards have been given across eleven vehicle segments including a 'Next Generation' category, which highlights new technology models close to market launch.

The award winners are selected from a short-list of thirty-six of the UK's greenest new cars. To be selected for one of the 2014 Awards, new models must be commercially available direct from the manufacturer for purchase or order in the UK during 2014, or early in 2015.

Eligible models on the Awards short-list are primarily selected for their low emissions as indicated by their Next Green Car Rating.*  However, account is also taken of the level of innovation, value, drive experience and design.

Introduced by Dr Ben Lane, Managing Director of Next Green Car: “The 2014 winners reflect three key green car developments: the electrification of the drive-train (including fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids), the continuing improvements in fuel efficiency (for all fuels), and the realisation that petrols may have the environmental edge over diesels for urban use.

"While all the winners and commended entries are highly innovative in the power-train technologies they employ, they also share the objective of wanting to improve the driver experience. In the coming years, ergonomics is set to become as important as engineering in the drive to design green and efficient vehicles."

*While we aim to provide a Next Green Car Rating for all available models, in cases where all regulated emissions have yet to be published, only official CO2 emissions are shown.

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Press release: Next Green Car Awards 2014 – Winners and Commended entries announced – 18 November 2014

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