FORD Fiesta 1.8 Turbo E-Diesel

  • Used model
  • Diesel, Supermini
  • 1753cc (1.8 litre), Manual 5-speed, door
120 g/km
63 mpg
NGC Rating

FORD Fiesta review

NGC verdict 23.05.2012

This will be the last eco advancement model before the new Fiesta debuts in four months' time. As usual, the problem with today's high economy, high technology models is that they also have a high price and motorists could do a lot of motoring, even before discounts, if they chose a cheaper model such as the 1.25 litre Studio at £9,795.

Refinement seems to have taken a hit here too. Ford, incidentally, remains unconvinced about the environmental and practical use of hybrid power units.

Review by Russell Bray

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Official MPG
63 mpg
4.5 litres/100km
Real MPG
59 mpg
4.8 litres/100km
Fuel cost
9.4 p/mile
Fuel price
121 p/litre


Official CO2
120 g/km
Tailpipe only
Euro Std
3 euro
NOx:473 mg/km
PM:25 mg/km
NGC Ratings
0 least polluting


1st year rate
£0 17/18
Band C
12 month rate
Std rate
£30 17/18
Band C
12 month rate
BIK rate
26% 17/18
28% (18/19)
31% (19/)

FORD Fiesta 1.8 Turbo E-Diesel key information

  • Practicality
    door, seats
  • Engine Size
    1753cc (1.8 litre)
  • Transmission
    Manual 5-speed
  • Engine Power
    HP / PS
  • Acceleration 0-60
  • Top Speed
    0 mph / 0 kph
  • NCAP Safety Rating
  • Congestion Charge
    No Discount

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