AUDI A3 1.8 20v S 125bhp SE Sport & Sport Quattro 5dr

  • Used model
  • Petrol, Small family
  • 1781cc (1.8 litre), Manual 5-speed, door
190 g/km
36 mpg
NGC Rating

AUDI A3 review

NGC verdict 08.06.2017

The Audi A3 Sportback e-tron has, like the rest of the A3 range, been the recipient of a mid-life refresh. As one of only two plug-in offerings from Audi, the hatchback is at the vanguard of the firm's electrification plans - which are set to expand dramatically in the next few years. A solid offering before, NGC finds out how the changes have affected the compact PHEV.

Review by Chris Lilly

Review by Chris Lilly

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Official MPG
36 mpg
7.9 litres/100km
Real MPG
34 mpg
8.4 litres/100km
Fuel cost
15.7 p/mile
Fuel price
116 p/litre


Official CO2
190 g/km
Tailpipe only
Euro Std
3 euro
NOx:36 mg/km
PM:0 mg/km
NGC Ratings
0 least polluting


1st year rate
£500 17/18
Band J
12 month rate
Std rate
£280 17/18
Band J
12 month rate
BIK rate
37% 17/18
37% (18/19)
37% (19/)

AUDI A3 1.8 20v S 125bhp SE Sport & Sport Quattro 5dr key information

  • Practicality
    door, seats
  • Engine Size
    1781cc (1.8 litre)
  • Transmission
    Manual 5-speed
  • Engine Power
    HP / PS
  • Acceleration 0-60
  • Top Speed
    0 mph / 0 kph
  • NCAP Safety Rating
  • Congestion Charge
    No Discount

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:17th Aug 2017

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