NISSAN Leaf Electric Car 80kW Auto

  • Used model incl. grant
  • Electric, Small family
  • Electric drive-train, 5 door
100 miles
DC ✓
NGC Rating
The NGC Rating expresses a vehicle’s environmental impact as a score ranging from 0 for the greenest cars to 100+ for the most polluting.

NISSAN Leaf review

NGC verdict 26.11.2013

Externally, not a lot has changed but a raft of improvements under the skin make the 2013 LEAF the best yet. This begs the question: Is the all-electric LEAF now a viable alternative to petrol?

Since our last review in 2010, Nissan has sold more than 50,000 LEAFs around the world, and our test car was built in the UK at Nissan's Sunderland factory rather than Japan. While many electric cars feel overly quirky or frankly a bit shoddy, the LEAF's build quality is first rate and it's quite easy to forget the power source until you coast to a halt in near-silence. For an extra challenge, we conducted our week-long test in the hills of West Wales during a prolonged cold spell. Neither gravity nor low temperatures are kind to electric vehicles, but the LEAF still managed a useful range of 60-80 miles per charge when driven briskly, against the claimed total of 125 miles in more ideal conditions.

Review by Russell Bray

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Whole life cost index
The NGC Whole Life Cost Index expresses a vehicle's total cost of ownership for a private (non-business) driver based on 3 years with 10,000 miles average annual mileage.

Range &

EV Range is official figure from the NEDC test cycle; Real range is an estimated figure based on real-world driving conditions. Standard charge time is expected time based on “slow” charging. Energy cost is based on an electricity cost of 15.5 p/kW.
100 miles
Real range 70 miles
Std charge
8+ hours
Rapid: 80% in 30 mins
Energy cost
3.7 p/mile
Elec. price 16 p/kWh


Official CO2 emissions from the NEDC test cycle. Euro standard, NOx and PM (particulates) are official air quality measures. Env Ratings are part of the NGC Rating. GHG = Green house gas rating – measures the impact of lifecycle CO2, AQ = air quality and measures the lifecycle impact of air quality emissions including NOx and particulates.
Official CO2
0 g/km
Tailpipe only
Euro std
NOx:0 PM:0
Env Ratings
0 = least polluting

NISSAN Leaf Electric Car 80kW Auto key information

  • Practicality
    5 door, 5 seats
  • Motor Power
    80 kW
  • Transmission
  • Engine Power
    108 HP / 110 PS
  • Acceleration 0-60
    11.9 seconds
  • Top Speed
    90 mph / 145 kph
  • NCAP Safety Rating
  • Congestion charge
    100% Discount ULED
  • Vehicle Inlets
    Type 1, CHAdeMO
  • Eligible for OLEV grant

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