CITROEN C3 Picasso 1.6HDi 110hp 16in wheels

  • Used model
  • Diesel, MPV
  • 1560cc (1.6 litre), Manual 5-speed, door
130 g/km
58 mpg
NGC Rating

CITROEN C3 Picasso review

NGC verdict 08.04.2009

Having created a name with Picasso, Citroen is now filling a niche with a C3 version, with which Iain Robertson can find NO areas of disagreement, and declares it as one of the best compact MPVs / family cars he has driven in many years.

Excitement has been sorely missing from the motorcar business for some time. Oh, sure, you can become excited, enthralled even, with the latest Italian supercar, a new Jaguar, or even a Porsche, but the outcome is ultimately unrealistic. It is pleasant to carry out a double-take on the latest and most attractively unusual car. It inspires curiosity. It makes you look. But, ask yourself, when was the last time that a regular, mainstream motorcar made you spin on your heels?

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Official MPG
58 mpg
4.9 litres/100km
Real MPG
48 mpg
5.8 litres/100km
Fuel cost
11 p/mile
Fuel price
117 p/litre


Official CO2
130 g/km
Tailpipe only
Euro Std
4 euro
NOx:245 mg/km
PM:2 mg/km
NGC Ratings
0 least polluting


First Year
£0 17/18
Band D
12 Month Rate
£115 17/18
Band D
12 Month Rate
BIK rate
28% 17/18
30% (18/19)
33% (19/)

CITROEN C3 Picasso 1.6HDi 110hp 16in wheels key information

  • Practicality
    door, seats
  • Engine Size
    1560cc (1.6 litre)
  • Transmission
    Manual 5-speed
  • Engine Power
    HP / PS
  • Acceleration 0-60
  • Top Speed
    0 mph / 0 kph
  • NCAP Safety Rating
  • Congestion Charge
    No Discount

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