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VW Golf tax calculator 2017/18
  • Used model incl. grant
  • Plug-in Petrol Hybrid, Small family, hatchback
  • 1395cc (1.4 litre), Automatic 6-speed, 5 door
39 g/km
CO2 Band
1 - 50 g/km
9% 17/18

Tax calculators

Car Tax (VED)
Pre April 2017
£ 0
Standard rate
Premium rate
Car Tax (VED)
From April 2017
£ 130
Standard rate
£ 440
Premium rate
Company car tax calculator
  • ?
    Employees can contribute up to £5000 towards the cost of buying a company car. This decreases the taxable value of the car (P11D) by the amount contributed.
  • Tax year2017/182018/192019/20
  • P11D Price £34,000 
  • BIK rate9%13%16%
  • BIK value£3,060£4,420£5,440
  • Tax repayable£612£884£1,088

Using the VW Golf tax calculator

The VW Golf tax calculator shows the Car Tax (VED) payable for the selected model for the 2017/18 tax year. The BIK calculator shows the amount of company car tax payable for the VW Golf model taking into account any capital contributions and selected income tax rate. Figures are shown for the next three tax years.

To understand more about BIK rates and how tax is calculated visit the main company car tax page or the car tax page. To compare company car tax across more than one model go to the company car tax calculator.

VW Golf BIK calculator 2017/18
Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:22nd Jan 2018