Plug-in hybrid cars in the UK

  • All you need to know about plug-in hybrids
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Plug-in hybrid car buying guide

Who should buy a plug-in hybrid car?

Plug-in hybrids offer all the benefits of conventional hybrids, with the added option of electric-only mode...more »

What models are available now?

Why 2015 is the year to buy a plug-in hybrid car, and which models receive the £5,000 Plug-in Car Grant... more »

Available plug-in hybrid models

Where to charge your plug-in hybrid

Plug-in hybrid vehicle costs

How expensive are plug-in hybrid cars?

Find out how much more do plug-in hybrid cars cost to buy or lease than a conventional car... more »

Are plug-in hybrid cars cheap to run?

Fuel, tax and other running costs of plug-in hybrid vehicles tend to be less than for petrol and diesel models... more »

Plug-in hybrid car news

How do plug-in hybrid cars work?

  • Series and parallel plug-in hybrid cars explained
  • What are plug-in hybrid cars like to drive?

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