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Green cars party at Eden - Launch Report

The first ever Sexy Green Car Show opened its doors today at the Eden Project.

The Eden Project might seem a strange setting for a car show but having been to the exhibition the synergy between Cornwall?s legendary greenhouses and the ingenious green cars is clear for all to see. The location, logistics and experience are setting a very high standard for the eco-car shows of the future.

Although it was a shame that no representative from the Department of Transport was able to attend the opening night preview; a pre-recorded video link from David Miliband did detail the government?s position and support for green motoring. The overall message from the show is that many of the manufacturers are making significant steps to develop greener cars, through it remains to be seen what the uptake of the greenest cars will be given the current incentives for clean cars.

?Sexy? cars at the show inlcude the Saab Biopower Hybrid Concept, the 9-3 Convertible 1.8T Biopower* and the 9-5 Estate 2.0T Biopower*. Vauxhall are showing their Zafira Hydrogen 3 Fuel Cell, a Corsa 1.3 CDTI* and a Tigra 1.3 CDTI*. Ford has an impressive display spanning the company?s biofuel heritage ? a 1920s Ford Model T, the latest Ford Focus flexifuel vehicle* and a Formula Ford racing car, all of which can be driven on bioethanol.

Smart have presented the ?Smaret EV?**, a car that uses no oil or petrol, just electricity. It can be ?refuelled? from any 3-pin socket via a special adapter. It seems to be the perfect solution to city driving, with a top speed of 70mph, no noise, no carbon emissions, no road tax and for Londoners, it?s exempt from the congestion charge too.

Volkswagen are showing the diesel Polo Bluemotion*, the most advanced and efficient Polo ever produced. The Polo Bluemotion is capable of returning over 72 mpg whilst emitting a mere 102 g/km of CO2. The company claim that for those chasing a warmer climate, the Polo Bluemotion will get you from London to the French Riviera on a single tank of fuel! Any volunteers??!

Green Manufacturer of the Year Winner (2006), Citroen, is also exhibiting the C1* and the C3 Stop and Start*, offering real world solutions and innovations for the greener motorist. Finally for those looking for high-octane thrills the D1 biodiesel Le Mans race car sports a 5 litre V10 diesel engine, modified to run on a blend of diesel and biodiesel made from vegetable oil produced from the seeds of the Jatropha tree.

Obvious absentees from proceedings are any Japanese manufacturers, for reasons that still remain a bit of a mystery! However for those wanting to see a slightly lonely Toyota Prius, one has been positioned at the entrance on loan from a local, non-Toyota dealership.

The sexy green cars showing at the Eden Project in 2007 demonstrate new developments in fuels, engines, and aerodynamics. Hopefully the exhibition will raise awareness, and with the 60-70,000 visitors predicted to attend the show mostly on four wheels, there is a certainly need to change current motoring habits. WhatGreenCar? hopes that this show will help do just that.

*Available now. **Now on lease to selected companies - on general release in 2008.

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