Discount for BMW diesel owners switching to green models

BMW has revealed plans to support drivers in mainland Europe to shift from diesel cars to greener models with a 'scrappage scheme' deal, along with cleaning up existing diesel powered cars.

The German giant will offer buyers up to 2,000 euro discount on any greener BMW or Mini for those in a participating country who own a diesel vehicle that meets Euro 4 standards or less. The offer will apply across the EU - though not in the UK - until at least the end of the year. All plug-in models are included, as are Euro 6 models that have CO2 emissions up to 130 g/km.

The company-backed move will start soon, and applies on top of any other government incentives. The discount will depend on the model bought with few further details available - though it is expected that plug-in models will receive greater levels of discount than non-electric vehicles.

BMW is also offering an after-market "additional optimisation of the exhaust treatment system" for 225,000 Euro 5 diesel models, at no cost to the customer. The company joins the likes of Mercedes and Audi in actively cleaning up diesel emissions from cars already on the road.

The Munich-based manufacturer denies all allegations that illegal emissions-treatment system have been used in BMW diesel engines. BMW AG Management Board Chairman Harald Krüger said: "Investigations by authorities at home and abroad confirm that vehicles by the BMW Group are not rigged for testing purposes.

"For almost two years now, diesel technology which is cutting-edge, highly efficient and popular with customers has been deliberately and publicly discredited. This has caused tremendous uncertainty among millions of drivers and it's not going to get us anywhere. The German automotive industry will remain strong in innovation: we will provide tomorrow's mobility solutions."

Krüger continued saying: "Sustainability is as much a part of us as Sheer Driving Pleasure. With BMW i, we were the first German manufacturer to make a clear commitment to electric mobility.

"But as well as emotion and pleasure, we are convinced that future mobility must be sustainable mobility. We are driving the transition as hard and as fast as possible and have launched more electrified vehicles than any of our established competitors."

BMW does have the largest line-up of plug-in cars on the market, totalling eight models across the BMW and Mini ranges - and ten if you include variants such as the two i3 models, and a long-wheelbase version of the 7 Series PHEV.

The Mini E was recently confirmed for production in the UK and is due in 2019, along with next year's i8 Roadster, 2020's X3 EV and the iNext in 2021.

It is hoped that the company's continued development of electric powertrains and models will take greater precedence than the development of petrol and diesel engines.

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:3rd Aug 2017

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