Watch the BMW i3 launch live on NGC

BMW is set to transform the electric car market with the official unveiling on Monday 29th July of the revolutionary i3.

The new i3 will be launched simultaneously around the world with live unveilings in London, New York and Beijing at 13:15pm BST. Watch the official launch here on Next Green Car.

The BMW i3 electric is modelled more on a mobile with a level of connectivity never before seen in an production car. It is also unique in being made entirely from carbon fibre reinforced plastic and produced from a completely sustainable production cycle.

BMW has developed a revolutionary ownership model for the i3 similar to that of the mobile phone market where a monthly fee covers vehicle rental, recharging costs and servicing as well as potential upgrades to larger vehicles - or petrol vehicles - for longer journeys such as summer holidays.

With a suite of innovative parking and charging plans, BMW expects will make owning an electric easier and more appealing than ever before.

Recognising the need to develop smart technology further, BMW has created ac $100 million venture capital company - BMW i Ventures. The initiative aims to create and promote mobile apps and mobile technology as part of BMWs long term growth strategy within the new mobility products and services market.

The BMW Group has been ranked industry leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for the last eight years. The i3 is likely to secure BMW's position as one of the most influential and sustainable car brands of the modern age.

Ben Lane

Author:Ben Lane
Date Updated:29th Jul 2013

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