New Mercedes Citan van returns 65.7 mpg

New Mercedes Citan van returns 65.7 mpg

The new Mercedes Benz Citan is a surprisingly powerful yet super efficient urban delivery van. The most frugal option in the range offers CO2 emissions of just 112 g/km and combined fuel economy of 65.7 mpg.

Having the lowest fuel consumption in its class, the new Citan also benefits from maintaining adequate power for delivery van operations, great driving pleasure and low maintenance costs, like few other city vans on the market.

There are four engines available for the new Citan. The highly efficient turbo diesel direct-injection Mercedes-Benz OM 607 with a displacement of 1.5l is supplied with several output levels – the 108 CDI (output 75 hp) and the Citan 109 CDI (output 90 hp) are available now, with Citan 111 CDI and Citan 112 variants coming soon. The range is complemented by the turbo M 200.71 petrol engine with 114 hp output.

The Citan's most impressive trademark is outstanding fuel economy. The combined fuel consumption of the Citan 108 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY and Citan 109 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY is only 65.7 mpg in accordance with NEDC. That is the best value in its class and in relation to the vehicle's dimensions and weight very impressive. Accordingly, as well as boasting the best fuel consumption values, the Citan 108 CDI also produces the lowest CO2 in comparison to competitors – just 112 g/km.

The oxidation catalytic converter located close to the engine as well as the standard-fit particle filter, exhaust gas recirculation and reduced noise levels stand for the best possible environmental protection. ECO start-stop function is available as an option, and diesel versions comply with the Euro V emissions standard.

Some fine tuning of not only the efficient drive train have contributed towards this. Electric power steering is standard, the windscreen wipers are flat-bladed and the newly shaped exterior mirror housings demonstrate the optimisation of the vehicle's aerodynamics. Fleet operators can also further increase the Citan's efficiency by means of a limit speed set at the factory.

The BlueEFFICIENCY package comes as standard for the petrol engine and is also optionally available for the diesel engines, reducing fuel consumption by up to 5.5mpg to 65.7 mpg. BlueEFFICIENCY includes, among other things, the ECO start-stop function, low rolling resistant tyres and battery and alternator management systems. Thanks to the alternator management, braking energy is recovered, reducing the power that the alternator must generate and in turn further reduces fuel consumption.

The new Citan has a load space of up to 3.8 cubic meters and a maximum payload of 800 kg. With a high build quality and good driving dynamics and safety, combined with the best-in-class fuel economy, the Citan is likely to be a popular choice for those considering buying a van of this size.

For Mercedes Benz, the Ctan is a smooth progression on from the successful Mercedes-Benz Vito. With the Citan and the established Vito, Sprinter and Vario models, Mercedes Benz Vans now provides the complete spectrum from the urban delivery van to the large-capacity van and from 1.8 t to 7.5 t permissible gross vehicle weight.


Date Updated:4th Sep 2012

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